IF YOU HAVEN'T GATHERED ALREADY, WE ARE NOT JUST ANY OTHER MARKETING FIRM. WE BELIEVE events ARE A WAY TO JOIN SOCIAL CAUSES TO THE COMMUNITY, MARKETING IS A CHance TO TELL YOUR STORY AND NOT JUST BUYING AD SPACE. oh, AND IT'S A CRIME NOT TO LOVE BAR-B-Q, EVEN IF YOU ARE VEGAN! we are, after all Memphians. and, as Memphians we tackle every project with as much grit & Grind as captain clutch in round 2 of the 2015 western conference semifinals. yeah... that much!

  • Branding  (Strategy / Positioning/ Identity)

  • Design (Collaterals / Responsive Website / Logo Development )

  • Consulting (Sponsorship Procurement / Business Evolution)

  • Digital (Social Media Marketing / Training / Strategy )

  • Public Relations (Media Training/ Leadership Training/ Crisis )

  • Novelties (Full Service Marketing Packages for Startups and Nonprofits)



so, we are considered "full service". but, we won't trick you into billing hours you don't need, for projects you don't want. our "full-service" approach is designed on a case by case basis, after we meet with you and we agree on specs.

At socially twisted, we know one size doesn't fit all, so WE work with your needs and budget to create a marketing strategy that works specifically for you.